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Consume information with AI accelerated workflows.

Query with Copilot

Query for information and insights securely across all of your data.


Summarize effortlessly

Get comprehensive AI summaries that balance conciseness and completeness.


Generate insights

Save hours of work and generate high quality accurate outlines for entire literature reviews, blog posts, academic papers, and reports.


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Join our growing user base of happy customers who use Focal to supercharge their research workflows.

For Knowledge Workers

Whether you're doing research for your business, for study, or for learning, Focal has you covered.


Highlight papers, AI summaries for long complex documents, and AI Copilot as your own personal researcher.


Brainstorm, query, and work with your documents and team securely in an AI-first workflow.


Summarise your legal documents and review legal literature. Extract important facts fast and speed up your legal workflows.


Review study materials and generate outlines for academic papers, drafts and reports. Understand a paper with comprehensive summaires.

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Secure collaboration with workspaces and projects.

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Your documents and saved web pages in one place.

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We remove the clutter to create a beautiful reading experience.

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Highlight key facts from your documents.

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Comment, chat, and discuss. Collaborate with your team.

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Organise your highlights into the topics you care about using tags.