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Your AI Information Hub

Upload your documents and turn your knowledge into an AI-powered information hub.

10x Faster Insights

Focal's AI swiftly reads through pages of content, delivering precise answers in seconds, not hours. Upload your PDFs or save web pages to your Sources library and get answers with AI Copilot.


Find Anything. Explain Anything.

Explain concepts quickly with Focal's AI Copilot. Ensure everything is accurately cited and taken directly from your documents.


Instant Summaries

Generate thorough, well-cited summaries, key points, and literature reviews, in a fraction of the time.


Fast Content Generation

Save hours of time and craft comprehensive outlines of blogs, reports, white papers, and more.


Automatic Citations

We reference your PDF files directly and provide citations for any information that we use in your sources. Choose your citation style from APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, or Harvard.


Customer Love

Join our growing user base of happy customers who use Focal to supercharge their research for work.

For Knowledge Workers

Whether you're doing research for your business, for academia, or need to deep dive into a topic, Focal has you covered.


Streamline financial analysis and decision-making with AI-powered insights from complex financial documents and data sets.


Boost legal research efficiency and case preparation by employing AI to analyze case law, contracts, and legal documents.


Accelerate your research process with AI-assisted literature reviews, data analysis, and hypothesis generation across diverse academic fields.


Accelerate medical literature consumption by using AI to synthesize insights from clinical studies, medical records, and health data.


Optimize marketing strategies and content creation with AI-driven analysis of market trends, consumer data, and campaign performance.


Enhance policy development and analysis by leveraging AI to extract key insights from vast regulatory and legislative documents.

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Your AI-First Platform For Work

Built for business professionals and researchers to elevate their reading workflows with AI

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Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews

Synthesize long documents quickly with AI-powered analysis and citation management.



Transform your ideas into engaging content with AI-assisted writing and SEO optimization.

Academic Papers

Academic Papers

Explain and summarise complex academic papers and research.

Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Extract critical information and precedents from complex legal texts using AI-driven analysis.

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Medical Research

Accelerate understanding by analyzing large datasets and identifying patterns across multiple studies.

Web Research

Web Research

Efficiently gather, organize, and synthesize information from diverse online sources with AI Copilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free plan?

We don't have a free plan but when you sign up you'll be allowed to create 3 free sources (PDFs or web pages) and have limited Copilot usage so you can try the product before you subscribe. Afterwards you'll be prompted to select one of our plans and to start a further 7 day free trial.

Do you train on our data?

We don't train on any of your data. We use your documents as a knowledge base using a technique called retrieval augmented generation (RAG) so that we can provide the most contextual and up-to-date information to our AI. This improves the accuracy and relevancy of our responses.

Do you have a mobile app?

Currently we only support desktop.

Is my data secure?

We store your data on GDPR and SOC2 compliant cloud servers. You're in full control of your data and when you delete it from our platform it is removed completely. All communication to our servers are encrypted end to end.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment methods. All subscription plans and payments are managed securely with our payment provider Stripe.

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