Multiple PDFs, Smart Drafts, and Homepage Copilot

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March 14, 2024
Multiple PDFs, Smart Drafts, and Homepage Copilot

We've been hard at work, implementing some new highly requested quality of life improvements in Focal.

Multiple PDF uploads.

No more uploading PDFs one by one. You can now upload up to 10 at a time, and have them all summarized at once! A small but handy quality of life improvement that saves you time getting your documents in your workspace!

Projects to Smart Drafts

Projects has now been renamed to Smart Drafts (which is probably what it should have been named to all along!) Smart drafts lets you reference groups of your highlights that you have created to write long form articles such as blog posts or academic papers that reference your highlights directly. Scaffold out an entire report with AI and have this based directly on your research!

Immediate Access to Your AI Copilot

Lastly, we've brought your AI Copilot front and center. This change is more than just cosmetic; it's about efficiency. By moving Copilot to the homepage, we ensure that the moment you log in to Focal, you have an intelligent assistant ready to help you navigate through your projects, answer questions, and find the information you need instantly.

Log in to your account today to check out the new additions!